All the Horror.
Four times the Comedy.

Since 2007 Blood Squad has been thrilling and chilling audiences around the world (that means the US & Canada so far) with a blend of comedy and horror.

Utilizing a deep knowledge of and genuine love for the classic slasher flick, over the years the ongoing mission of Blood Squad has grown to include improvising various sub-genres of horror films based on a title given by the audience. The concept is simple: a completely improvised story that is high-energy with descriptive edits and asides to create a cinematic feel on stage. No blood, no props, no costumes, no mercy.

Blood Squad is veteran Seattle improvisers Molly Arkin, Jon Axell, Brandon Felker, and Elicia Wickstead.

Viewer discretion is always strongly advised.

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Blood Squad Halloweekend 2018

It’s been a while, Seattle. But we’ve been dying to see you again.

Won’t you celebrate Halloween Weekend with us?

Molly Arkin

Molly Arkin

Molly Arkin fell in love with improv in high school and no one could get her to shut up about it. She took classes and became a company member at Unexpected Productions and then in 2012 went on to become a cast member at Jet City Improv. Somewhere in there she managed to go to Emerson College in Boston. Molly has trained with The Groundlings and Upright Citizen’s Brigade in Los Angeles. She has been a proud member of Blood Squad since 2009. She loves to read but loves Friends and Gilmore Girls more.

Jon Axell

Jon Axell

Jon Axell began improvising in high school and college (with UW’s the Collective) before joining Jet City Improv as an ensemble member in 2005. Since then that time he has appeared in and created a variety of formats and feature-length shows while also teaching sessions of Improv 101 and Improv 102 in the Jet City Improv Academy. Jon was invited to join Blood Squad in 2012 during the run of Demonic Phenomena and remains the group’s newest member.

Brandon Felker

Brandon Felker

Brandon Felker, co-founder of Blood Squad, began his career as a performer and playwright in College then later moved to Chicago studying under Joyce Sloan, Charna Halpern, and the late great Del Close. From 1993-1995 he became a performer with Second City and Improv Olympic. He joied Seattle group Unexpected Production in 1998 and has since traveled around the world as a guest performer with various groups from Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Graz, and across Canada.

Elicia Wickstead

Elicia Wickstead

Elicia Wickstead, co-founder of Blood Squad, started improvising in 1992 and joined Unexpected Productions as an ensemble member in 1994. She is also a frequent perfomer at Jet City Improv. She has improvised in a variety of different formats, styles, lengths and languages all over the USA, Canada, Germany and Austria. She enjoys teaching improv throughout Seattle to performers as well as business professionals. She practices kindness to animals but sometimes eats them.